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Help us provide aid to hospitals in Wartime: United Resilience on the Home Front

The Center for Jewish Impact, SASA Setton, and Alumot Or have joined forces to provide assistance to both hospitalized children and the children of hospital workers in southern Israel. Their combined efforts include donations of medical equipment, essential personal hygiene kits, games, and educational programs valued at over 2 million NIS. Help us raise more.

Amidst the constant blaring of alarms and the ongoing war, The Center for Jewish Impact, SASA Setton, and Alumot Or have been working together to support the Barzilai (Ashkelon), Soroka (Be'er Sheva), Kaplan (Rehovot) Medical Centers. These organizations have been diligently packing and distributing packages containing thousands of games for each hospitalized child in these medical facilities. Furthermore, SASA Setton and Alumot Or have generously made their proprietary online educational activities available to all children in Israel, free of charge.

In addition to these initiatives, SASA Setton, the Center for Jewish Impact, and the Russian Jewish Congress are currently equipping the Kaplan, Barzilai and Soroka medical centers with personal essential hygiene kits for the thousands of wounded patients. These individuals are victims of the recent barbaric and murderous attack by Hamas and have arrived at the hospital with no personal belongings. The organizations are also providing vital advanced medical equipment, such as IV Pump Machines, Glucometers, Cardiac Monitors, Blood Pressure Monitors, strechers, and ECG Machines.

Alumot Or, in collaboration with Discount Bank, has offered financial and technological support to a student with autism whose entire family on the Gaza border was tragically and barbarically murdered.

So far, a total of over 2 million NIS has been raised, with ongoing efforts to secure additional funding. These organizations remain fully committed to addressing the immediate needs on the ground, conducting continuous assessments, and keeping hope alive for more peaceful days ahead.

If you wish to donate to the Center for Jewish Impact, you can donate here:

Or directly to our bank account:

Center for Jewish Impact (R.A), IBAN: IL600108110000025130032

Leumi Bank, Routing IL010, 811

Center for Jewish Impact, SASA Setton and Alumot teams packing aid
Packing aid for wounded victims of Saturday's attack

a table with many boardgame boxes
Games donated to the hospitals

Medical devices donated with the logos of the organizations that donated them
Medical devices donated

medical devices donated with logos
Medical devices donated


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