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Center for Jewish Impact joins Global Campaign to Ring 1 Million Bells Marking 100 Days since Oct 7th

From Israel, the USA, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland through the Caribbean, Central America, and Brazil to The Philippines, India, and - at least 1 million bells will ring in a powerful display of global unity, on Sunday, January 14, 2024, at exactly 4pm in Jerusalem.

This unprecedented event marks 100 days since the October 7th Hamas terrorist organization massacre of 1200 civilians - Israelis and nationals of 41 other countries - including infants, children, men, women, elderly.

Churches, hotels, stock exchanges, fire stations, schools, public buildings, and individuals will ring their bells for 60 seconds echoing three messages:

  • Ring to Remember – the murdered, injured, their families and loved ones.

  • Ring to Reassure - a world without terror, antisemitism, bigotry, and racism. 

  • Ring to Return – the remaining hostages immediately.


The initiative is the brainchild of Dr. Inon Schenker, a Global Public Health specialist and a social entrepreneur who developed a 1,000,000 bells snowball effect building up to this Sunday (January 14) with events throughout the world, organized by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, World Zionist Organization, Center for Jewish Impact, major hotel chains, the Stock Exchange, United Nations for Israel, Impact for Healthy Future, NOVA, the Lowy International School at Tel Aviv University, and Faith organizations from around the world.

Dr. Inon Schenker, the initiative creator: “Bells have been a powerful tool for centuries. One bell can warn of danger and save a village; One million bells may shake the world, herald hope and mark a line between humanity and evil. 7th October 2024 must be remembered globally as a defining moment against terror”.

Ambassador Dan Oryan: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs attaches great importance to telling the story of what happened on October 7, to the immediate release of the hostages in Gaza and to a clear, decisive global action against the rise of racism and antisemitism. The bells ringing around the world on the 100th day strengthen these three efforts and should mobilize global solidarity highlighting these important massages.”

Robert Singer, Center for Jewish Impact Chairman: “As we join hands across continents to make a million bells ring, we are not just commemorating a tragedy; we are echoing a powerful message of global solidarity and cooperation. Each bell that tolls is a testament to our collective strength and resolve to overcome darkness with light, hatred with unity, and division with an unbreakable bond of shared values and common goals. Together, we are louder, stronger, and more impactful”.

Raheli Baratz-Rix, WZO: "On January 14 - 100 days since the horrific massacre, we will all stand together and ring a million bells. We call on our friends all over the world to stop for 60 seconds, to remember the murdered and wounded, to shout the cry of the hostages in Gaza, and to call on world leaders to stop the wave of anti-Semitism and terrorism. Let's alarm together against the harsh silence of the nations of the world and raise awareness of the growing anti-Semitism around the world - there is no place for silence, there is no place for anti-Semitism - it's time to ring all bells!"


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