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The Center for Jewish Impact (CJI) was established by its Chairman, Robert Singer, along with senior leaders and professionals of the Jewish world under the vision of becoming a focal point and center for excellence for innovative and impactful initiatives that deliver benefit to Israel and the Jewish world.

Based in Tel Aviv and founded by civil society, CJI is an a-political and non-partisan NGO that operates at the intersection of Israeli society, the local and global diplomatic community, and world Jewry. We elevate diplomatic relations between Israel, governments, international institutions, and Jewish communities worldwide by creating signature events and initiatives that foster strategic partnerships for the benefit of the State of Israel, the Jewish diaspora, and the world at large.

Our operating principles are pragmatic and result-oriented, forgoing bureaucratic hurdles, and prioritizing action over discussion. Using our vast network of partners, contacts, and donors, we can tailor projects to the various needs of the global diplomatic community and Jewish communities.

The Center for Jewish Impact operates through a holistic approach in coordination with the highest levels of the Israeli government and collaborates with key partners in the international arena to deliver impactful initiatives to better serve the Jewish people worldwide and the State of Israel.

Pillars of Action
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