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The Center for Jewish Impact (CJI) was established by its Chairman, Robert Singer, along with senior leaders and professionals of the Jewish world under the vision of becoming a focal point and center for excellence for innovative and impactful initiatives that deliver benefit to Israel and the Jewish world.

Our operating principles are pragmatic and result-oriented, forgoing bureaucratic hurdles, and prioritizing action over discussion. Using our vast network of partners, contacts, and donors, we can tailor projects to the various needs of the global diplomatic community and Jewish communities.

The Center for Jewish Impact operates through a holistic approach in coordination with the highest levels of the Israeli government and collaborates with key partners in the international arena to deliver impactful initiatives to better serve the Jewish people worldwide and the State of Israel.

Center for Jewish Impact Operating Values


The Center for Jewish Impact is an a-political non-governmental organization that operates at the intersection of elevating Israeli civil society, strengthening diplomatic ties, and reinforcing the bond with the Jewish diaspora. As part of our commitment to excellence, we uphold a set of core values that guide every aspect of our work. These values form the bedrock of our mission and serve as a compass for our ongoing efforts.


  1. Israel as a Jewish and modern democracy: Recognizing Israel as a democracy and a home for the Jewish People, that respects the rights of all citizens and faiths, promotes social justice, empowers participation of civil society, and fosters a culture of democratic values, the right to vote, and respect for the rule of law. Recognizing that being a Jewish and Democratic state are not necessarily conflicting goals.

  2. Equality: Treating all people with respect and dignity, regardless of their background or identity and promoting a society that is free from discrimination.

  3. Interfaith harmony: Encouraging dialogue and cooperation between different faiths to promote peace and understanding, in Israel, the region, and the world. 

  4. One People: The Israeli population is a dynamic and diverse community, and therefore, we will strive to promote harmony amidst our differences, valuing and preserving the cultural heritages and diverse traditions that are part of the State of Israel, working together towards common goals, and seeking mutually beneficial solutions to problems.

  5. Long-term thinking: Leading and supporting initiatives that encourage long-term thinking that aim to see the State and all its people thrive long into the future.

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