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Embrace Campaign Report: 60 Days of Impact and Compassion

In the 60 days since the devastating October 7th terror attack by Hamas, our people have faced unprecedented challenges both in Israel and the diaspora. Yet, amidst this darkness, our united efforts under the Embrace Campaign have shone a light of hope and resilience across Israel.

Our journey began immediately after the tragedy. With the support of organizations like the Center for Jewish Impact, SASA Setton, Alumot Or, the Russian Jewish Congress, IVN, and thanks to generous donors we have raised an impressive $2,686,709, with matching funds. This includes $677,000 raised during a 15-hour Israel support marathon, a testament to our collective strength and dedication.

On behalf of all of us and all those who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, we are proud to share the latest developments in our Embrace Campaign.


Embrace Healing: A Lifeline in Times of Need

Our first response was Embrace Healing. We provided critical emergency medical equipment to trauma rooms and staff in Kaplan, Barzilai, Soroka, and Asuta Medical Centers, ensuring immediate care for the influx of victims. We also support hospitalized children, an effort that continues to progress significantly.

Embrace Ambition: Securing Futures Amidst Turmoil

Embrace Ambition is our commitment to education, offering a full year of financial aid to 210 students from the Gaza border region attending Ono College and Ben Gurion University. We have completed fundraising and are in the process of selecting the students, providing them with the resources to continue their education despite adversity.

Embrace Refuge: Shelter and Support for the Displaced

The Embrace Refuge initiative has been pivotal for evacuees across Israel, offering housing, trauma support, and essential supplies. Our efforts include aiding 100 families at Ono college dormitories, organizing trauma seminars for 92 Nova festival survivors, and providing toys and communication aids for children from Sderot and those with autism. Additionally, we supported 50 children from Kiryat Shmona and organized sports activities for displaced children from the Gaza border with retired Olympic judoka Ori Sasson for the next 3 months. This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment to addressing those affected diverse and immediate needs.

Embrace Comfort: Nourishing the Souls of the Elderly

Embrace Comfort focuses on the elderly in Ashkelon. We are delivering 10,000 hot meals over five weeks to 380 bedridden elderly residents and Holocaust survivors, ensuring they are not forgotten in these trying times. We have also contributed to purchasing of a soup kitchen in Tiberius.

Embrace Potential: Healing Minds and Hearts

We are supporting the mental health of students and staff in 22 middle and high schools along the Gaza border. With plans set in motion, we are poised to offer crucial psychological support to over 20,000 recipients. We are currently finalizing an additional unique project, based on the Anna Freud Therapy Approach which will be operated by the psychiatric department of Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. An estimated 3500 children from the Gaza border who have suffered from very difficult traumas will benefit from it.

Embrace Valor: Honoring Our Protectors

We've extended our gratitude to Golani, Nachal and Paratrooper units by providing them with warm clothing and essential equipment, ensuring their readiness to defend our nation.

The Future: Embrace Foundations

Looking ahead, our next endeavor is Embrace Foundations. We aim to restore and enhance 12 early childhood education facilities along the Gaza border by equipping them with cutting-edge technology and tools. This vital project requires $1,800,000, and we are confident that with your continued support, we will achieve this goal.


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