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What is CJI’s Diplomatic Salon Series? 

The Center for Jewish Impact Diplomatic Salon Series connects Israeli civil society leaders and the foreign diplomatic community based in Israel to create opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. 

Using the Center for Jewish Impact’s vast network of contacts in Israel and abroad, we collaborate with over 450 ambassadors and special envoys representing governments, international institutions, and umbrella organizations, to create signature events focused on a unique topic tailored to their interests that can benefit from involving the best and brightest in Israeli civil society. 

How does CJI’s Diplomatic Salon Series work?

Led by CJI Chairman Robert Singer and our highly experienced team, the Diplomatic Salon series aspires to build community and relationships, share knowledge and ideas, and inspire a new and healthy discourse on global developments of foreign policy.

The Diplomatic Salon series always includes both Israeli and foreign statesmen, senior diplomats, and other prominent figures, yet the format and size of events vary. The Center for Jewish Impact is experienced in tailoring events that range from larger forums, such as panels and exclusive workshops, to more intimate gatherings such as roundtables and dinners. 

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