Diplomatic Salon


The Center for Jewish Impact hosts a Diplomatic Salon, a series of events and get-togethers to bring together leaders and players within Israeli society with the approximately the 400-500 ambassadors, senior diplomats, special envoys and attaches in Israel representing governments, international institutions and umbrella organizations and departments from around the world. Each salon is co-hosted by and highlights an Israel-based ambassador and/or special envoy on a unique topic tailored to their interests.

The Salon is a political and diplomatic forum to discuss and debate current affairs relating to the State of Israel, the Jewish people and the Middle East. Led by its Chairman Robert Singer and his highly experienced team, the Diplomatic Salon aspires to build community and relationships, share knowledge and ideas, and inspire a new and healthy discourse on global developments of foreign policy.

The speakers of the Diplomatic Salon include both Israeli and foreign statesmen, senior diplomats, and other prominent well-known figures. By using our vast network of contacts in Israel and abroad, the Diplomatic Salon will serve as a platform to bring together the diplomatic community to foster ties and to learn about day-to-day developments taking place in the region.

Venue and topic change with each event, and include but are not limited to Ambassadors' residences, The President of Israel's Residence, the Knesset, various Israeli ministry facilities, and cultural spaces – from museums to art exhibits.


The Center for Jewish Impact (CJI), was established to lead the change in navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with this unique moment in time. A Tel Aviv-based group fostering diplomatic relations between Israel and governments and bodies around the world, CJI builds unique strategic partnerships between Israeli civil society, local Jewish communities and government in order strengthen Israel-world Jewry relations, foster global Jewish life, and promote shared democratic values. 

Through our vast diplomatic network and decades of experience, our team manages and cultivates on-going relations with all the relevant governmental bodies, as well as with the diplomatic community in Israel.

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