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Righteous Among the Nations, Ukraine

‘The Shoah, a time when two thirds of European Jews were murdered by Nazis and their allies, can best be described as Europe’s darkest hour. While many Europeans looked on while their colleagues’ neighbors and friends were taken away to almost certain death, a select few refused to sit idly by. This is the story of the Vlasenko family in Ukraine, who at great personal risk, hid Manya Genya, a young Jewish girl throughout the war. These are the stories that show that even in the darkest of times hope can still blossom. ‘

Despite the fact that roughly 60% of Ukrainian Jews perished during the Holocaust Ukraine over 2,500 Ukrainians have been recognized as Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem. This is just one story.

This video was produced in collaboration with 2U, an NGO that assists aging Ukrainian Righteous Among the Nations


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