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Mike Sweetney Dribbles with Students on the Spectrum

Former NBA player Mike Sweetney came to support Israel during wartime and played basketball with students on the autism spectrum

By Shy Segev | Regishut 10.07.2024

Last week, former NBA player Mike Sweetney (New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls) visited the Benjamin Rothman School in Jerusalem, which specializes in students on the autism spectrum.

Sweetney is currently visiting Israel as a guest of Athletes for Israel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, showing his support for the country during this challenging time.

During the visit, members of the General Assembly of the "Alumot Or" organization, which supports the school, participated along with the organization's CEO, Ziv Magor, representatives of the Center for Jewish Impact, Ambassador Dan Oryan, head of the Civil Diplomacy Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Eric Rubin from the advisory board of Athletes for Israel.

Throughout the visit, the guests got to know the educational staff led by school principal Natali Gez Shambik, the representative of the students' parents, and especially the talented students of the school. The students showcased their orchestra, choir, and active student council to the visitors. As expected, the school's basketball stars eagerly invited Mike Sweetney to the basketball court for some magical moments of play, laughter, and enjoyment.


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