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Join the Donation Marathon for Israel's Recovery

On November 5th a remarkable event will unite Russian Speakers worldwide art and charity like never before

This Sunday, November 5th, At 11 a.m. Israel time, the 24-hour Israel Support donation marathon featuring acclaimed Russian diaspora musicians and artists will begin, aimed at supporting Israel in a time of need.

Organized in collaboration with the Center for Jewish Impact, the Russian Jewish Congress, and Alumot Or, this event ensures that every contribution made will directly support those affected by the recent Hamas attack, focusing particularly on helping survivors overcome their challenges.

As we follow up on our successful fundraising efforts for hospitals in southern Israel, our goal for this marathon is to raise $550,000. These funds are vital for providing both immediate and long-term assistance in several critical areas.

Of this total, $390,000 (approximately 1,555,000 shekels) will be allocated to several key initiatives:
  1. Aid for Displaced Residents (168,000$): Assistance will be provided to 350 residents from border communities who have been evacuated to the central part of the country. They are currently housed in the student dormitory of the academic college Ono and are in urgent need of essential items, hygiene supplies, and psychological support.

  2. Support for the Elderly in Ashkelon (20,000$): Around 2,500 elderly residents and holocaust survivors of Ashkelon, who are unable to leave their homes in the shelled city, will receive hot meal deliveries.

  3. Psychological Support (52,000$): Children and families from the south and from the north of the country, including those in hospitals, will be provided with psychological support.

  4. Financial Aid for College Students from the Gaza border Region (150,000$): Supporting at least 60 Ono College and Ben Gurion University students who were evacuated following the war. Many of these students have lost their homes and possessions, and their families cannot provide for them. The academic institutions will match every dollar, ruble, or shekel collected.

An additional $160,000 (approximately 700,000 shekels) will focus on:
  • Emergency Aid for Eden Boarding House Residents: This amount will support 55 girls aged 12-18 residing at the Eden boarding house, who suffer from severe post-traumatic disorders. The boarding house, located just 4 km from Gaza, was destroyed on October 7th. Fortunately, the girls were not present during the attack but have lost their only home and all their belongings. They have found temporary shelter at the Shalva Center in Jerusalem, but there is an urgent need for funds to cover the expenses of psychologists, teachers, clothing, and other necessities for the next three months.

This marathon is not just a fundraiser; it’s a powerful statement of solidarity and resilience in the face of adversity. Every note played and every dollar donated symbolizes a step towards healing and rebuilding. We invite you to be part of this remarkable journey of support and hope.

How to support?
To donate via bank transfer

In Israel - Tax Deductible (46):

אלומות אור בע"מ (חל"צ)

ח.פ. 515136372

​חשבון: 55500003

בנק: לאומי

סניף: 811

כתובת: מונטיפיורי 31, תל אביב יפו

International Bank Transfers - US Tax Deductible:

Chase Bank

Address: 1129 Savannah Highway, Charleston, SC 29407

Account Name: American Friends of Alumot OR, SASA Setton & CFJI

Account Number: 732896250

Routing Number: 072000326

Swift for International wires: CHASUS33

To donate Online (Card/Paypal)

Featured Speakers and Artists

Илья Разин (Полюса)

Шым (Каста)

Александр Белый

Сергей Лаврик


The velvet

Марк Галесник

Дмитрий Марьясис

Ваня Смирнов


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