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Exclusive interview with Center for Jewish Impact Fellow Miriam Cohen

Today, Israel solemnly commemorates National Holocaust Remembrance Day. As we reflect on the tragedy of the 6 million Jews who were exterminated, gassed, and burned by the Nazis, we also honor the remarkable resilience and heroism of Jewish people throughout history.

For over two millennia, the Jewish spirit of resilience and hope has held our people together. This spirit of triumph in the face of unimaginable adversity is something that Miriam Cohen, a Center for Jewish Impact Fellow, embodies through her work. Miriam is the first filmmaker to ever film a VR tour of Auschwitz Birkenau. Her co-creation, 'Triumph of the Spirit,' tells a moving story of Jewish heroism during the Holocaust and the indomitable spirit of Am Israel.

Miriam being a Center for Jewish Impact Fellow is a reflection of her unwavering commitment to our shared values. Through her innovative project, she has brought Israeli society and the Jewish diaspora together while upholding the importance of Holocaust remembrance.

With best regards and a strong recommendation to watch this short video.


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