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Collaboration with the representatives of the Romanian government

In the past two weeks, The Center For Jewish Impact has been working tirelessly to help the Ukrainian refugees who have fled abroad, in a desperate attempt to find shelter. Last week the Center kicked into high gear. Along with the humanitarian assistance the Centre provided, the Center's Chairman and its Senior executive flew to Romania for an urgent visit where they met with the heads of the Jewish community, JDC, Nativ and representatives of the Romanian government to get an assessment of the refugee situation.

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During their meeting with the representatives of the Romanian government, they received a comprehensive overview with accurate data regarding the number of refugees in the country and the current status of the number of Jewish refugees in Romania:

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The Ukraine population is estimated at 44 million citizens, and of about 500,000 refugees who crossed from Ukraine to Romania due to the war, 30% of them are children. Of the 500,000 refugees who entered Romania from Ukraine, 80,000 refugees were absorbed by the Romanian government. Their education, housing, etc are all paid for and provided by the Romanian government. Among the 500,000, a few thousand are Jews. In the past few weeks, 6,500 Israelis entered Romania from Ukraine.

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After that they met with the head of the Jewish community in the city the CJI agreed to continue the joint activities between the Center and the Jewish community – which provides humanitarian assistance to the thousands of refugees in the country. At the same time, in collaboration with "SASA Setton " organization and "Alumot Or" organization, we will provide them a broad emotional aid supporting all they have been through.

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Following those meetings, The Center For Jewish Impact is currently formulating an organized program in which we can assist refugees in the country through additional channels in which the Center for Jewish Impact specializes.


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