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CJI Joins Embassy of Israel in Colombia for 'Kites for Hope' Festival

In a heartwarming display of solidarity, hundreds of Colombians gathered in Bogota to express support for Israel during the 'Kites for Hope' Festival. The event aimed to honor the victims of the October 7th massacre and call for the release of the 129 hostages.

Credit: Embassy of Israel in Colombia

In recognition of the Kotz family's commitment to peace, the Embassy of Israel in Colombia and the Center for Jewish Impact paid homage to them as part of the 'Kites for Hope' Festival. The family, from Kibutz Nir Oz, was known for organizing annual kite festivals promoting peace on the Israel-Gaza border. Tragically, the five members—Aviv, Livnat, and their three children, Yonatan, Yiftach, and Rotem—were brutally murdered on the very day this year's festival was scheduled to take place.

Ambassador Gali Dagan expressed: “I am convinced that kites have no borders; they never see limits. This event is a call for the release of those kidnapped in Gaza and a plea for peace”. He also highlighted the enduring friendship between Israel and Colombia during these challenging times and expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and solidarity received from many sectors after the heinous acts committed by Hamas.

In addition to the kites festival, the event featured a range of activities, including traditional Israeli folk and Colombian salsa dances, a football tournament, and a collect of toys and clothing that would be donated to Colombian children during the Christmas season. Likewise, a photographic exhibition, curated by renowned world photographer Sasha Gusov, captured the unwavering spirit of the Israeli people during the war, serving as a powerful testament to the resilience and strength displayed by the Israeli community in the face of adversity.

Watch a short video here

Credit: Embassy of Israel in Colombia


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