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Partnership with Israel's National Football Association

Ahead of the opening whistle of the upcoming friendly match in Lisbon between Israel and Portugal, the President of the Israeli Football Association, Oren Hasson, presented Israel's national team jersey to the President of Comunidade Israelita de Lisboa, Dr. Jose Carp, in demonstration of support from the Football Association to the Portuguese Jewish community.

This comes as part of a partnership between the Israeli Football Association, the Center for Jewish Impact and the Jewish Community in Lisbon, with the shared goal of strengthening ties between the State of Israel and the Jewish communities worldwide through a shared passion of football.

The Israeli Football Association and the Center for Jewish impact recognize football as a universal language capable of uniting people of various backgrounds. We stand together in the spirit of sportsmanship ready to use football to kick out antisemitism and hatred from our societies and our football stadiums.

A picture of two men shaking hands, smiling to the camera.


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