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Donate: Humanitarian Assistance & Purchase of Essential Medical Equipment for Israeli Hospitals

Collaborate with the Center for Jewish Impact in supporting Israeli hospitals treating the victims of the war waged by Hamas

The Center for Jewish Impact is offering to facilitate donations to Israeli hospitals working around the clock to save the lives of the victims of the war waged by Hamas.

100% of the funding will be used to purchase medical equipment as indicated as needed by Israeli hospitals – this includes essential medical devices, monitors, and more, as well as personalized essential Hygiene Kits for the thousands of patients hospitalized across Israel.

So far The Center for Jewish Impact, through partnerships with SASA Setton, Alumot Or, the Russian Jewish Congress (click to view the ongoing campaign), Discount Bank, and private donors have assisted in purchasing vital medical equipment and other educational and psychological assistance needed to accommodate the unprecedented number of Israelis who have been hospitalized following the vicious attack on October 7.

We are continuing to monitor and update assessments and are acting accordingly.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to our partners thus far and extend an open invitation to any organization willing to join forces with us in this noble endeavor.

To support via bank transfer please contact Lironne Koret, Director of International Outreach and Projects at the Center for Jewish Impact, via email at or call at +972-548342433. Alternatively, you can donate through our website at

Thank you again for your consideration to support Israel. We are all praying for better days ahead.

About the Center for Jewish Impact:

The Center for Jewish Impact (CJI) was established by its Chairman, Robert Singer, along with senior leaders and professionals of the Jewish world under the vision of becoming a focal point and center of excellence for innovative and impactful initiatives that deliver benefit to Israel and the Jewish world.

Our operating principles are pragmatic and result-oriented, forgoing bureaucratic hurdles, and prioritizing action over discussion. Using our vast network of partners, contacts, and donors, we can tailor projects to the various needs of the global diplomatic community and Jewish communities.

The Center for Jewish Impact operates through a holistic approach in coordination with the highest levels of the Israeli government and collaborates with key partners in the international arena to deliver impactful initiatives to better serve the Jewish people worldwide and the State of Israel.

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