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Agreement between the University of Tirana and Bar-Ilan University

On June 18, 2021, the University of Tirana and Bar-Ilan University signed an agreement facilitating the academic exchange and collaboration of both academic institutions. The exchange is focused on the field of science and includes research, training, and international activities and was signed by the rector of the University of Tirana Professor Artan Hoxha and Bar-Ilan deputy president Professor Moshe Lewenstein.

Our Chairman of the Center for Jewish Impact Robert Singer who helped enable this partnership says, “This agreement marks the beginning of cross-continental, cultural and religious exchange and is a continuation of the recent Balkans Forum Against Antisemitism hosted by Albania. We look forward to future groundbreaking academic activities between Bar Ilan University and the University of Tirana.”

Valentina Leskaj, one of the contributors to this amazing partnership, also says, “We materialized an important cooperation in the academic and cultural field with one of the most important Universities in Israel, especially in the field of technology.”

As we move forward with this accord, we are excited about the new opportunities it will bring for both Albania and Israel. Both universities will exchange students, faculty, and lecturers while sharing books, participating in joint research projects, and organizing meetings. As both countries strengthen their connections, future plans also include an international conference. This is a major achievement that will provoke a long-lasting relationship as we share culture, innovation, and practices, aiding our shared love for education.

A picture of people during a zoom conference


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