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7th Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism in Jerusalem

Our Chairman, Robert Singer, was honored to address the 7th Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism in Jerusalem on July 14. The event was held annually by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and brings together Jewish leaders and allies from around the world to discuss the best ways to counter antisemitism. Given the current increase in antisemitic incidents, particularly in places with substantial Jewish communities, such as in London, Los Angeles and New York there is an added need to address antisemitism and promote Jewish solidarity. After a lifetime of advocacy for the Jewish people, Mr. Singer emphasized that the best way to counter antisemitism and bigotry at large, is through education.

"...the first thing we need to realize is that we are not alone in this struggle, and we should not feel alone. We just had Congressman Johnson, but also look at this room. I saw here the Mayor of Frankfurt. I saw here many people, different mayors from different cities, Members of Parliaments, people from different diplomatic missions, organizations... we are not going to win anytime soon – not in this decade and not in the next one – the world is not suddenly becoming a better place. What we can do - is to do our utmost best and to do all that is possible on our watch..."

"...the only long-term solution to what we are dealing with... is to fight ignorance, and to illuminate the darkness, and the only way I know how, from my experience, is to do it is through education, education, education on many levels. That is why I agreed to Chair the Board of Trustees of World ORT, a very professional organization... I’m also chairing a number of educational NGOs in Israel and started participating in all these areas because they are sitting on a reservoir of tens of thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish students worldwide, and that's where things are happening... and that's also why very recently, I’ve also established the Center for Jewish Impact. Because I'm constantly being approached by different international organizations, NGOS, diplomatic missions and different Foreign Ministries. Last but not least – from my over 35 years of experience in the Jewish communal world and in the world of diplomacy – one conclusion is clear: we must be pragmatic, programmatic and we must be goal-oriented..."


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