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Monday, November 22, 2021


Today our Chairman, Robert Singer, chaired a special panel at the Third Moscow International Conference for Combating Xenophobia, Antisemitism and Racism, focusing on New Educational trends to prevent xenophobia in partnership with the Russian Jewish Congress.

On the panel, distinguished guests with years of expertise and valuable insight into combating Xenophobia on micro and macro levels. The Head of Personal Phycology at Moscow State University, Professor Alexander Asmolov explained global trends in education designed to tackle prevention in rising xenophobia.

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In the photo (from left to right): Robert Singer, Chairman of the Center for Jewish Impact, Karel Fracapane, Programme Specialist of UNESCO, Sue Hampel, Co-President of the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Australia, and Milena Santerini, Italy's Coordinator for Combatting Antisemitism.


Karel Fracapane, Programme Specialist for UNESCO division for peace and sustainable development spoke about his work with both the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation as well as with the Organisation for Security and Cooporation in Europe, where he worked with European Teachers to addresss tackling Xenophobia via education.

Suzanne Hampel, as co-president of the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Australia and Chair of the Education Work Group in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, shared her views on using education to combat hate speech. Milena Santerini, Italy’s national coordinator against Antisemitism introduced and explained educational programs developed in conjecture with the Italian Government in fighting xenophobia.

In the photo: Robert Singer, Chairman of the Center for Jewish Impact

Lilia Komissarenko, who has served both as director of Lyceum No.23 school and as chairwoman of the legislative assembly of the Russian Jewish Autonomous Region, used her experience and knowledge of the town of Birobidzahn as a premise for talking about using educational projects as a basis for international cooperation.

Svetlana Tikhankina spoke about the work do the Russian Holocaust Centre she is director of Educational Programmes at, which involves educating Russian teachers through training sessions and seminars, allowing memory of the Shoah to be preserved and not forgotten.

Finally, Professor Alexey Kalinin of the Skolvolko business school shared his views on the importance of educating businessmen about cultural awareness and understanding. The panel was an opportunity to fully evaluate and explore different techniques for tackling xenophobia on every level in education, and will provide vital information and support for Jewry and other minorities in both Russia, and in the wider world.

In the photo: Prof. Alexander Asmolov, Professor, Head of the Department of Personal Psychology at Moscow State University and President of ORT Russia

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