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Executive Council

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Tal Lipovetzki

Mrs. Lipovetzki has served in various positions in the private and public sectors, including the office of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economy and the Technion Institute of Management. She managed the Aliya absorption department in the Rishon Lezion municipality. Founder of the Association of Aliyah Directors in the local authorities and served as the chairman of the association between 2014-2018. Currently serving as director of the business promotion department in Rishon Lezion Municipality. She holds a BA in international relations and East Asia studies from the Hebrew University, an MA in public policy from Tel Aviv University, and an MBA degree. 

Prof. Chuck Freilech

Professor Chuck Freilich is a former deputy national security adviser in Israel and long-time senior fellow at Harvard's Belfer Center. He teaches political science at Columbia, NYU and Tel Aviv Universities and is a senior fellow at the Institute for Strategic Studies (INSS) and the Miryam Institute. Professor Freilich is the author of several books, such as Zion’s Dilemmas: How Israel Makes National Security Policy (Cornell Press 2012). He has published numerous academic articles and over 220 op-eds, appears frequently in the Israeli and international media and speaks before a wide range of audiences. He is the senior editor of the Israel Journal for Foreign Affairs.

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Orna Hozman Bechor

Orna Hozman Bechor is an experienced CEO of four government offices, and Chairwoman of the board of the Ashdod Port. She is a skilled director in government and public business entities, having extensive financial experience in managing multi billion shekels budgets who possess an in-depth understanding of regulatory areas, strategic vision and risk management capabilities.

Dr. Rachel Levy Drummer

Dr. Rachel-Shelly Levy-Drummer, born in Skopje, Macedonia, is a distinguished professional with a multifaceted background. She holds degrees in chemistry and statistics, including an MSc and a PhD in biomathematical modeling, from Bar Ilan University. Notably, she established the groundbreaking "Bio Medical Informatics for MD" program and served as the Secretary of Academic Affairs at Bar Ilan University from 2014 to 2023. In parallel, Dr. Levy-Drummer has actively contributed to preserving the history and heritage of the Jewish community in Bitola and Macedonia, collaborating with the former Israeli Ambassador to Macedonia, Mr. Dan Oryan, on various restoration and cultural projects. Her achievements include organizing the Bitola March of Living, a mass singing event, and the Pomegranate Project in Jerusalem's Sherover Promenade. Dr. Levy-Drummer is also recognized as a lecturer on the history of Macedonian Jews.

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Major General Shlomi Michael

Major General (Res.) Shlomi Michael is the former Commander of the Judea and Samaria Police District and the Israel National Counterterrorism with 33 years of operational, managerial and leadership experience in commanding soldier and officers. He has accumulated extensive experience in building diverse combat, intelligence and surveillance units skilled in using state-of-the-art technologies, creativity and ingenuity. Built interfaces and maintained long-term relations with top Israeli and overseas emergency, law enforcement, security and intelligence organizations. Provided training and consulting services on counter-terrorism to countries and government agencies and established counter-terrorism units in several countries.

Dr. Dalit Stauber

Dalit Stauber is an Israeli educator who served as Director General of the Ministry of Education from 2021 to 2023 and from 2011 to 2013. Throughout her tenure as Director General, she led several reforms in the Ministry of Education to better adapt the educational system to the 21st century. She also holds several public positions, such as the chairman of the Stauber committee to promote women in civil service, Head of the board of directors of Ort Braude, Ministry of Education representative of the UN CEDAW, member of the advisory board of the IDF education corps, a lecturer and member of the board of trustees at Ono academic college, a member of the board of directors of Yad Vashem, and more.

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Dr. Dana Wolf

Dr. Dana Wolf is the Head of the Law and Security Program at the Lauder School of Government, who focuses on research and teaching of public international law, in particular international humanitarian law, law of occupation and international criminal law. Dr. Wolf also focuses on research and teaching of international conflict management and resolution as well as negotiation. Dr. Wolf is a senior researcher at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT) and a Board Member at the Rubenstein Center for Constitutional Challenges (ICCC), Reichman University. Previously, Dr. Wolf served as a research fellow at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Dr. Wolf has been admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 2001 and worked as an associate at S. Horowitz & Co. at the Criminal Litigation Department. She previously served as an Adviser to the Legal Counselor at the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations in New York.

Dr. Gregory Asmolov

Dr. Gregory Asmolov is a researcher and expert in the field of crisis and strategic communication. He serves as a Lecturer in the Department of Digital Humanities at King's College London, where he teaches a range of modules, including Digital Journalism, Digital Entrepreneurship, and Social Media, Protest, and Political Campaigning. His work focuses on exploring the role of social media and crowdsourcing platforms in crisis situations and conflicts. Gregory is particularly interested in the impact of innovation and Internet regulation on social resilience, especially in the face of security and global catastrophic risks. Additionally, he investigates how information and communication technologies foster new forms of digital authoritarianism, with a focus on uncovering novel mechanisms of propaganda and disinformation. Before embarking on an academic path, Gregory was a Middle East correspondent for the Russian newspapers Kommersant and Novaya Gazeta, and he also worked as a news editor and security analyst for Israeli TV. He held a position as a Research Fellow at the Asper Institute for New Media Diplomacy at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. Gregory earned a PhD from the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), an MA in Global Communication from George Washington University, and a BA in Communication and International Affairs from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Dr. Jean De Gunzburg

Dr. Jean De Gunzburg is a Herzliya (Israel) -based scientist and businessman, currently director of several startup biotechnology companies, former President of World ORT and academic research scientist. He holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from the University of Paris 7 and has an extensive academic research background at the CNRS, INSERM and Institut Curie (Paris, France), publishing over 80 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. As a descendant of ORT's co-founder, Baron Horace de Gunzburg, and as former President of World ORT, Dr. Jean De Gunzburg emphasizes the importance of education, in particular vocational training and Jewish education. Driven by his academic achievements and commitment to philanthropy, Dr. Jean De Gunzburg is a prominent figure in both the scientific and charitable communities. He is deeply committed to the defense and well being of the Jewish people.

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