The Center for Jewish Impact was established by its Chairman, Robert Singer, along with senior leaders and professionals of the Jewish world under the vision of becoming a focal point and center for excellence for innovative and impactful initiatives that deliver benefit to Israel and the Jewish world.

Our approach is to effectively implement innovative projects that deliver tangible results to all stakeholders, and strategically focusing on the issues of education, supporting Israel, Israel-diaspora Jewry relations, interfaith dialogue and combatting anti-Semitism.

Our operating principles are pragmatic and result-oriented, in order to forgo bureaucratic hurdles, thus prioritizing action over discussion. Using our vast network of partners, contacts and donors, we are able to tailor projects to various needs of the Jewish community at large.

We are staffed by a combination of accomplished senior Jewish leaders alongside younger, tech-savvy professionals with a successful history of implementing and leading global digital campaigns reaching millions worldwide.

As part of our on-going operations, the Center for Jewish Impact works in coordination with the highest level of the Israeli government; including the Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, Ministry of Strategic Affairs, the Knesset of Israel and more.

Through our vast diplomatic network, the Center for Jewish Impact cultivates on-going relations with many senior diplomats, legislators, international organizations, spiritual leaders and heads of Jewish communities in order to better serve the Jewish people.

As such, we collaborate with key partners in the international arena to deliver impactful initiatives.

We operate through a holistic approach and are committed to continually developing new impactful initiatives by utilizing our vast knowledge in the digital sphere, for the benefit of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.